Wednesday, June 18, 2014

welcome back!

hi! morning, at 2:38 am in the dream place, dormitory

so many complicated story in my local disk B*, the story was so lame, i never know about how to begin this story because i don't know how to imagined, it's so difficult to remembering the process, i never know where i put my face, i'm the only person that have nothing anymore..

i lose all of the control, the specific design of my ambition at past even, the truly mine, i just like a lonely bird in the savannah

for all of you, trust in me that i'm in process. i'm sorry if i'm not like what your imaging first. but the real happen is like this, i lose all of the control, i can't take over all of the problem by myself

trully i'm not like what i am
but it's a life, i know i take these decision with the process, i follow the complicated road, i'm never talk with my weakness because i wanna construct the best, but i'm a human, till i getting drop, i fall, and i lose

the firstly i believe with my ambition can take me on the best lead, i always hard to think with the best design, i always put my heart below when you're not coming in my rule, i always be on the best method to think, to solve, to work, to running the programme, but by myself i have nothing

the ambition is like a history of my life right now, i have promise that i never take a next lead again in my life, offline, die, ,,,

till i really get drop, i take it by myself, i always create a happiness, but it's too fancy

bye bye for the moment when i really believe can construct my lead
bye bye for the moment when i hard working to make it happen
bye bye the best moment in time
i really miss that moment
but i have promise to end the story

 for the special thing _mylove organization

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