Saturday, February 2, 2013

it just about what do you think for your life

Actually some day i always say to my life that it's not just good enough
in my alone life i think i didn't have a complete life
everyday i wanna make my life structure and completely perfect
because it's about life
it's about Important things

i was born on the beautiful hopes by my parent, in the process of my life all things happen, all things give me some of the important message that i'm not feeling good at that time, but now i knew it's a life process, 'till now i always got me on the mistakes, in the unreal life, i don't know what kind of this, it's so mystery, i just take something better after every learning point that i got, i don't know.

now i have on the real life, be a collage student of medicine, it's about other human life, it's about knowledge and it's about responsibility. i knew that it's so hard and need a completely learning, it's not just about knowledge also about skill and chance, because doctor give all things in their mind to be a life.

i need a complete mechanism to be professional doctor in the future, here from collage life, i wanna make a presser about the learning system, i always search, i get one, always get, and this is about my mind, my idea, and my rule. i take my rule to be what i am, i wanna be a perfect, i always wanna make my ideal occur, because it's not just about ideal, it's about my life future, my knowledge responsibility and destiny.

i have a book. my dream book, just me who hold this one, contain about my rule, my mechanism, my note, my life, my ideal, my idea, my mind and absolutely its about future.

i believe it all things will happen, i think and then i write, read and do it

it's just about what i can do for my life
it's just about my idea
it's just about LIFE

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